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Business Motivators

Business Motivators is an online system which helps individuals understand what influences the choices they make as they move through their careers. This report provides insight into how and why they make the decisions they do. Motivators influence our actions and behaviors. They are the "why" behind an individual's choices and actions. Individuals who understand their motivators can become more aware of others who have different motivators.

The questionnaire can be completed in approximately 10-15 minutes. It will provide you with a nine-page evaluation and a "quick look" graph. It is often used with the Proception2 Profiling Series.


Key motivators providing insights into "why we do what we do:"
  • Concepts
    Objectivity and critical thinking; a desire for enlightenment
  • Aesthetics
    Visual awareness; desire for things to have form, function and symmetry
  • Economics
    Desire for material gain and profit
  • Social Benefits
    Concern for the welfare of others, especially the less fortunate
  • Power and Authority
    Enjoyment of power positions, competition
  • Business Doctrine
    Emphasis on tradition and customs; need to conduct one's life and business activities within a system

This assessment will help individuals...

  • understand and appreciate relationships
  • learn how motivators impact work performance
  • understand potential sources of conflict
  • identify personal motivators and interests

Business Motivators provides:

  • Immediate online testing and reporting
  • Easy administration and scoring
  • An inexpensive means of automated assessment
  • Validation

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