He has the right resumé. But does he have the right stuff?

Executive 'C' Suite

ASSESS is an abilities evaluation designed for the placement, promotion, or development of internal managers, supervisors or professionals. Written in a concise, straightforward manner, ASSESS's web-based platform quickly provides a detailed description of the candidate's Intellectual Abilities, Work Approach and Motivations, Thinking Style, Approach to Influencing or Supervising Others, and Interpersonal Style. More than 70 industry-specific templates are available, and all evaluations that conform to the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) and EEOC.


Key Dimensions of Personality and Intellectual Abilities
  • Thinking
        -Reflective/Probing, Organized/Structured, Serious/Restrained, Objective, Factual, and Realistic/Pragmatic
  • Working
        -Energy Level, Self-Reliance, Acceptance of Control, Need for Freedom,Frustration Tolerance, Need for Attention, and Detail Interest
  • Relating
        -Sociability, Criticism Tolerance, Optimism, Assertiveness, Need to Please/Be liked, Positive about People, Personal Insight, Self-Control and Cultural Conformity
  • Intellectual Abilities and Pontential
        -Strengths in Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Comprehension and Numerical Abilities


Screening Report
This report gives a quick overview of the candidate's professional strengths and weaknesses. The Screening Report is appropriate for use before the personal interview, contains the following:
  • Graphic profile
  • List of key strengths and potential weaknessess

Selection Report
The Selection Report provides an in-depth evaluation of a candidate's assets and liabilities to determine job fit, performance potential and management needs. This report is suitable for any stage of the selection process and contains the following:

  • Graphic Profile
  • List of key strengths and potential weaknesses
  • In-depth report of findings
  • Interview suggestions
  • Reference questions
  • Management suggestions

Developmental Report
The Development Report is provides constructive feedback of assessment results to current employees. In addition to a detailed description of important personality traits and intellectual abilities, if measured, this report provides interactive worksheets and developmental suggestions. It requiring the individual's participation in development activities. The Report contains:

  • Graphic profile
  • In-depth report of findings
  • Individual's strengths and challenges based on test results
  • Developmental Suggestions including books, tapes and seminars

Intellectual Abilities
This system offers the ability to test up to seven types of intellectual abilities. Depending upon the requirements of the position, a candidate may be given any combination of these abilities tests.

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