He has the right resumé. But does he have the right stuff?


Salesmax was developed using criteria critical to sales success. It measures how a candidate will do the job, why they will want to do the job and what they currently know about the consultative sales process.

This pre-employment assessment for sales professionals allows you to evaluate a candidate's fit within a consultative/relationship sales role.

SalesMax provides a "quick look" graph, a candidate's overall productive score and his/her strengths and weaknesses. It indicates a candidate's probability of producing in the top 50% of the sales team. Additionally, it will provide interview/reference questions and management suggestions.


Key Dimensions to the Sales Personality
  • Energy Level
        Enthusiasm, hard work and visible effort
  • Follow-Through
        Completion of tasks, while following through on commitments
  • Self Reliance
        Ability to take charge and get things done
  • Resilience
        Ability to handle rejection and criticism
  • Professionalism
        Sense of responsibility and business-like attitude
  • Optimism
        Positive outlook, ability to weather adversity
  • Sociability
        Enjoyment of client/customer contact
  • Assertiveness
        Confidence in sales presence

SalesMax is easy to administer and use. Candidates can log in to the testing site from virtually anywhere. You can manage the assessment database, evaluate candidates and print reports using any internet connection.

SalesMax subscribes to American Psychological Association (APA) and EEOC guidelines.

This assessment helps identify people who:

  • Have the potential to perform in the top 50% of a sales team
  • Have personality characteristics which impact sales success
  • Understand effective strategies in consultative/relationship selling
  • Are motivated more closely by a company's compensation or commission plan

Key Dimensions of Sales Knowledge
SalesMax measures candidate knowledge of effective strategies for various consultative/relationship sales situations. SalesMax helps to target training needs that may be fine tuned through formal training or informal coaching.

  • Prospecting/Pre-qualifying
  • First Meeting/First Impression
  • Probing/Presenting
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Influencing/Convincing
  • Closing

Key Dimensions of Sales Motivators:
Without proper motivation, even the best candidate may fail. The motivations section of SalesMax will help you gauge the fit between the candidate's motivational needs, his/her manager's supervisory style, and the rewards available in our organization.

  • Control
  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Development
  • Expertise
  • Affiliation
  • Security
  • Achievement
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