He has the right resumé. But does he have the right stuff?

ASSESS: for Managers, Professionals and Executives

ASSESS is an abilities evaluation designed for the placement, promotion, or development of internal managers, supervisors or professionals. Written in a concise, straightforward manner, ASSESS's web-based platform quickly provides a detailed description of the candidate's Intellectual Abilities, Work Approach and Motivations, Thinking Style, Approach to Influencing or Supervising Others, and Interpersonal Style. More than 70 industry-specific templates are available, and all evaluations that conform to the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) and EEOC.


Key Dimensions of Personality and Intellectual Abilities
  • Thinking
        -Reflective/Probing, Organized/Structured, Serious/Restrained, Objective, Factual, and Realistic/Pragmatic
  • Working
        -Energy Level, Self-Reliance, Acceptance of Control, Need for Freedom,Frustration Tolerance, Need for Attention, and Detail Interest
  • Relating
        -Sociability, Criticism Tolerance, Optimism, Assertiveness, Need to Please/Be liked, Positive about People, Personal Insight, Self-Control and Cultural Conformity
  • Intellectual Abilities and Pontential
        -Strengths in Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Comprehension and Numerical Abilities


Screening Report
This report gives a quick overview of the candidate's professional strengths and weaknesses. The Screening Report is appropriate for use before the personal interview, contains the following:
  • Graphic profile
  • List of key strengths and potential weaknessess

Selection Report
The Selection Report provides an in-depth evaluation of a candidate's assets and liabilities to determine job fit, performance potential and management needs. This report is suitable for any stage of the selection process and contains the following:

  • Graphic Profile
  • List of key strengths and potential weaknesses
  • In-depth report of findings
  • Interview suggestions
  • Reference questions
  • Management suggestions

Developmental Report
The Development Report is provides constructive feedback of assessment results to current employees. In addition to a detailed description of important personality traits and intellectual abilities, if measured, this report provides interactive worksheets and developmental suggestions. It requiring the individual's participation in development activities. The Report contains:

  • Graphic profile
  • In-depth report of findings
  • Individual's strengths and challenges based on test results
  • Developmental Suggestions including books, tapes and seminars

Intellectual Abilities
This system offers the ability to test up to seven types of intellectual abilities. Depending upon the requirements of the position, a candidate may be given any combination of these abilities tests.

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